Guitar Strings

We offer guitar strings for 3 string and 4 string cigar box guitars in regular and heavy guage.


We have slides in glass, brass, copper, and steel.  The majority of our glass slides are hand made from the necks of wine bottles.

Picks, Cables, and Stomp Boxes

We have custom picks in various thicknesses.  Guitar cables too.  Look at our "Toe Jam" stomp box.  Plug it into your amp (a bass amp or PA is the best) and get a great kick drum sound.

Digital Tuners

If you play a cigar box guitar, you should have a clip on digital tuner.  We sell several different models (depending upon availability).  Stay in tune...makes you sound better!

Pre-Amps and Portable Amps

Plugging your cigar box guitar into a pre-amp can take you to the next level of sound.  And...our portable amps are great for trips or just for practicing in your room.

CBG Parts and Clocks

If you are building your own guitar and need parts, we keep a good variety on hand.  Also, we build very cool clocks from cigar boxes.  Great looking for your home, office, or man cave (or woman cave).